President Museveni takes on youth on social media

December 02, 2019 - 209 views

President Museveni has taken to social media to criticize youth who only look to the public service for employment.

Responding to message from his followers on twitter, Monday, December 02, 2019, the president

“All my children, except Muhoozi, after their education, did not go into Public Service jobs. They are in the Private Sector, starting with the cattle industry. In the last 120 years of Colonialism and thereafter, none of my parents- uncles etc – were in the Public Service,” he said.

He added that  his involvement in the African struggle is to liberate Africans from being enslaved by poverty and dependence.

The President stressed  economic freedom through private entrepreneurship can create jobs not social media talk.

Mr defended his decision to pose with his cattle on social media last week.


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